COURIER to ROMANIA is dedicated to online stores and customers from Hungary who want a cheap and efficient shipment delivery, with cash on delivery to Romania

Through COURIER to ROMANIA offered by the TCE COURIER HUNGARY, your envelopes, packages or pallets are collected from your address in Hungary through your own network or partners, and sent in maximum security to any destination in Romania.
Delivery is made very quickly in maximum 2 days at a price similar to local shipments  Hungary to Hungary.
Benefits :
- placing the online order in the TCE application
- pick up from the customer's door in Hungary
- delivery to the client's door in Romania
- collection cash on delivery in RON from Romania and immediate transfer to bank account in Hungary in RON or HUF  without any commission
- extremely good rates and monthly billing in HUF
Why not try the Courier service to Romania?
RATES COURIER  Hungary - Romania
envelope    - 928 ft  
1 KG - 928 ft 
2 KG - 1020 ft
3 KG - 1114 ft 
5 KG - 1299 ft
10 KG - 1763 ft
20 KG - 2691 ft
30 KG - 3619 ft
Cash Collect -320 ft
Cash Collect Transfer  - free of charge 
Transit Time  - 2-3 days
Minim Volume - 200 parcel/ month
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